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NixOS on Framework laptop



My NixOS configuration specific to the Framework Laptop Virtuous Cassette comes from a Blog Post. It's pretty straightforward, of course, and only a few changes are necessary or nice.

A lot of the complaints about this machine are that you have to choose between significant power drain while in "suspend to ram" state, or you have to wait 3-5 seconds for the laptop to come out of deep sleep. I choose the latter with mem_sleep_default=deep.

I also enable LVFS's testing repository so that i can have LVFS support for Framework hardware according to their knowledge base.

The only other thing to consider is to make sure the kernel is new enough to support the WiFi 6 chipsets.

; #+ARROYONIXOSMODULE: nixos/framework-laptop.nix ; #+ARROYONIXOSROLE: endpoint

{ pkgs, ... }:

  boot.kernelParams = [ "mem_sleep_default=deep" ];
#  boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxPackages_5_15;
  services.fwupd.enable = true;
  services.fwupd.enableTestRemote = true;
  hardware.rasdaemon.enable = true;
  boot.loader.systemd-boot.memtest86.enable = true;
  # services.fprintd.enable = true;

I don't use fprintd since i hate configuring PAM and don't feel like figuring out how to configure it in the way i actually want to use a fingerprint reader… Consider instead how easy it was to get this laptop working, it doesn't really need special configuration.