The Complete Computing Environment

Complete Computing


My computers are generated from declarative configuration-code embedded in my org-roam Knowledge Base. Org Mode has powerful Literate Programming facilities which let you de-compose your code in to small sections which can be described, marked up, hypertextualized, etc, in-line.

The Complete Computing Environment is my Concept Operating System, a distribution of Emacs and NixOS.

A small library called Arroyo inspired by org-roam extracts metadata from my org-roam notes and establishes a System Cache file/key/value store backed by SQLite3. On top of this there are generators for Emacs, NixOS, Nix Home Manager, Web Feed Cache, and the Arcology site engine.

Arroyo collects Emacs Modules to generate an init.el. Arroyo collects NixOS Modules to generate a system home-manager.nix, and configurations for Laptops and my wobserver.

The Arcology Project is a Python Literate Programming project backed by Arroyo to present CCE modules and other pieces of my Knowledge Base on the World Wide Web. You're using it right now.

Taken together, this rube-goldberg spaghetti pile provides me with a flexible, iterative, and self-documenting way to describe and assemble my systems, and present them to the world. Over the coming years I will be factoring out patterns and tools which others may use, but carefully read the introduction at the top of the CCE module index page to understand how this should (not) be used.

Welcome to the Complete Computing Environment.