The Complete Computing Environment

Emacs "Launcher" Hydra

(provide 'cce/hydra-launcher)

Hitting <SPC>s anywhere in Emacs normal mode brings up a small Hydra with small Emacs applications that I use. Really these are just lazy keybindings, since each head exits the hydra, but it's useful to all have in once place. They're not available in all of my X11 applications which I don't have custom EXWM modes written up on, which is a bit of a shame that I'd like to improve on

(declare-function 'sauron-toggle-hide-show "sauron.el")
(defhydra hydra-showme ()
  ("s" sauron-toggle-hide-show "Sauron" :exit t)
  ("k" consult-yank-pop "Kills" :exit t)
  ("b" ibuffer "Buffers" :exit t)
  ("m" list-marks "Marks" :exit t)
  ("c" calc "Calculator" :exit t)
  ("g" eww "Browse" :exit t)
  ("C" display-time-world "Times" :exit t)
  ("w" wttrin "Weather" :exit t)
  ("d" calendar "Calendar" :exit t))
(with-eval-after-load 'evil-leader
  (evil-leader/set-key "s" 'hydra-showme/body))