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Delve is a tool to delve into your org-roam Zettelkasten. Its main purpose is to find pages by following links (either backlinks or references made in the page itself). Thus you can quickly overview the network of interpage relations you have created [in the Knowledge Base]. For this purpose, you can also use the predefined searches which attempt to highlight some focal points of this network (e.g., those pages which have the most links, or the last modified pages).

Opening Delve the first time, you can browse your zettelkasten by ROAMTAG, or use one of the predefined searches. Further functionality will be added.

;; (use-package lister)
;; (use-package delve
;;   :config
;;   (require 'delve-minor-mode)
;;   (evil-set-initial-state 'delve-mode 'motion)
;;   (delve-global-minor-mode))
(provide 'cce/delve)
delve = epkgs.melpaBuild {
  pname = "delve";

  version = pkgs.lib.pkgVersions.delve.version;
  commit = pkgs.lib.pkgVersions.delve.commit;
  src = pkgs.callPackage pkgs.lib.pkgVersions.delve.src {};

  recipe = pkgs.writeText "recipe" ''
       :repo "publicimageltd/delve"
       :fetcher github)

  packageRequires = [ epkgs.lister epkgs.dash ];

  meta = {
    license = pkgs.lib.licenses.gpl3;
    homepage = "";
    description = "Delve is a tool to delve into your org-roam zettelkasten.";

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