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Deadgrep is a Great Grep Interface


ripgrep is a regular expression searching Tool written in Rust. deadgrep is a package which runs on top of it providing an Emacs interface to rg's functionality. I have it bound to C-x p a in a Projectile Hydra. I provide a "hack" to introduce some extra arguments to Deadgrep. While Wilfred is happy to commit and work on various issues, he hasn't seemed too interested in solving this. So we get out the emacs scalpel.

(use-package deadgrep
  (defun deadgrep--hack-arguments (oldfun &rest rest)
    (let ((res (apply oldfun rest)))
      (append (list "--follow" "--glob" "!*~") res)))
  (add-function :around (symbol-function 'deadgrep--arguments) #'deadgrep--hack-arguments))
(provide 'cce/deadgrep)

for NixOS Nix Home Manager:

  home.packages = [ pkgs.ripgrep ];