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The Paintbrush, Artsey, and Ardux


i've been training to type with a small one-handed keyboard Because Reasons. I'm not sure it's worthwhile yet but it's a fun experiment. so far. i didn't write this page with these Tools.

INPROGRESS Why learn to type on a one-handed keyboard?

I really like using using koreader to read books because it's easy to bring my notes and highlights in to my notes because the metadata is lua and we can parse that. It works on kobo, android, linux and elsewhere. I've used on these and input is always the hard part. the app has its own soft keyboard and i don't like it, the android app doesn't use the native input either, and the same is true on Linux where the maalit keyboard also falls short. but on linux the hardware keyboard works, but i like to hold what i'm reading with one hand, so i started to think about what to do. i found this one-handed chorded keyboard that seems viable, I can hold my GPD Pocket 3 with one hand and type with the other.

NEXT The Paintbrush

I ordered mine from in Australia. I probably will write a proper build guide for this when I eventually make a version with some modifications.

WAITING the better build guide

i made a mess of the two that i ordered, had to go to the makerspace to desolder some parts. let's make things better for future builds. photos and more detailed instructions/diagrams specific to one particular build, the battery powered one with an OLED display and nice!nano v2 or whatever pro-micro footprint-compatible bluetooth microcontroller thing which qmk or zmk supports at the time the build guide is updated.

WAITING what are the modifications?

NEXT Artsey

ARTSEY is a keyboard layout designed for keyboards with 8 keys. Most characters require pressing two or more keys within a fraction of a second of each other, but if I can intuit these "chords" I can type regular prose with one hand, and maybe eventually do so quickly.

NEXT Ardux

Ardux is a ZMK and QMK implementation of Artsey designed to be able to work with any keyboard from 8 keys to 60%, even if it takes a bit of elbow grease and napkin math.

NEXT Ask Alice to take photos of me using the paintbrush with my GPD Pocket 3

NEXT upload a photo of me wearing emacspeak

i don't think i have one right now because in 2015 i didn't want to be perceived, but i could recreate the system on modern equipment